VR Video Player for Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

Watch virtual reality videos directly on VRHub.com, download them or watch your own videos

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for Windows 7 64-bit or later

Watch videos directly from VRHub.com. Or choose what you want to download.
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Watch videos from your own computer.
Work with your Windows desktop using the headset.

Use your hand in the right way

We created a super easy way to select an object just by gazing at it (hands-free!) – a must feature for VR porn!

Work and browse in headset

We have a built-in virtual desktop, meaning you no longer need to remove your headset in order to surf your favourite sites.

Make your own library of videos

  • Play videos from the library on your disk or online from our site
  • You can download our videos without removing the headset
  • We know the type of VR video

    All VR videos are automatically recognized – there is no need to rename the files or adjust the settings for viewing.

    A lot of controllers supported

    We support all standard input devices for Oculus & Vive headsets: Oculus Remote, Oculus Touch, Vive Controller, Joystick, Keyboard, Mouse

    Handy timeline

    During the video playback you can find the best moments with time-stamped thumb-preview while seeking through the timeline. Simply hover the pointer over Next or Previous buttons and you will thumb-preview the next and the previous video!

    Works without headset

    Our application can work without the headset, though you will certainly not experience the full effect of being present, but will definitely give you an opportunity to understand what you will get if you decide to purchase a headset. Believe us – the results are amazing.

    Get VRHub app

    for Windows 7 64-bit or later